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Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 1
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 2
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 3
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 4
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Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 1
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 2
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 3
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 4
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 5
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 6

Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory


Company Advantages

· Reliable raw materials: the raw materials of Hi-FiD white noise machine baby are all sourced from the suppliers who have established long term reliable cooperation with us. Their products are all certified.

· The product is 100% qualified as it meets the strict requirements for the quality inspection.

· Shenzhen Hi-FiD Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. provides integrated and comprehensive solutions to its customers.

Technical Information

Dimensions & weight Rechargeable battery
Dimensions: 96 x 79 x 122mm (without hanging rope) Up to 60 hours depending on usage. Charge time is around 2 hours, from empty to full.
Packaging Box: 98 x 80 x 124mm
Weight: 393.52g
Materials OEM&ODM service
ABS Plastic and buttons with silicone Support to provide you with Logo, color, packaging, sounds and other customization. FREE Laser Your LOGO On Products!
Sound Machine
02 (2)
Night Light
Timer Setting
Type-c Port
05 (2)
Supporting Earphone
06 (2)
Portable Design

Soothing sounds

Create your sleep oasis

Let quality sleep become your best care


Soothing Sounds Create Your Sleep Oasis

Let quality sleep become your best care

Keep your baby quiet during the day
When your baby cries,the white noise machine helps you calm the babies down
Help your baby or child fall asleep faster
The soothing sound of the white noise machine takes your baby to sweet dreams

Good help for moms

Soothe your baby

When the baby cries, turn on the white noise machine and soothe the baby with a soothing sound

Into the sweet dreams

As night falls, turn on the white noise machine and let the gentle sound lead the baby into the oasis of sleep

Good company in life

A good companion for parent-child moments

No matter how busy they are, parents should spare some time to accompany their children

End the bedtime fight

Turn on the sleep mode of the white noise machine with one click before going to bed, and let the soft light and soothing music accompany the child to sleep

Relaxation device

Take you one click relaxation

If tired one day you want to send out, just press the white button, the machine will emit a pleasant, beautiful music, let you sleep sweet sweet secret

A lamp for nursing mothers

It comes with eight kinds of soft lights, so that nursing mothers are not afraid of the dark at night, and take care of their babies

Professional Sleep Aid Products

1 (18)
Sound Machine
29 different audio sources are built in. Includes 7 white noises + 7 fan sounds +15 natural sounds.There's always a sound that helps you sleep
2 (16)
Colorful Light
7 color lights feature, lamp brightness and color can be depending on the individual
3 (18)
Long press the adjustment key brightness will change from bright to dark, reach the brightness you need to let go
4 (17)
Volume Adjustment
Volume key you can press and hold this key to decrease or increase the volume
5 (16)
Timing Switch
Short press the timing key for 30, 60, 90 minutes and continuous work for your choice
6 (13)
Battery Life
Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery, support 10 hours of continuous playback (volume at 60%)
7 (4)
Portable Design
Small size with lanyard and convenient for you to carry anytime and anywhere
8 (3)
Delicate Appearance
Design concept: Mother's heart. Help insomniacs, children, office staffs and other sleep health issues

Feedbacks From Our Customers

Help new moms solve baby crying and not sleeping problems.
Help the people who have trouble sleeping to get a quality sleep
Help the stressed people ease the mood, relax the mood

Healing Moment


Product Function

Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 31
Sound machine
Keep your little one dreaming with sounds like white noise, wind, rain, and lullabies
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 32
Night light
Make midnight feedings soothing and the dark less scary with a reassuring, calming glow
Hi-FiD White Noise Machine Baby Factory 33
True portable
Built in battery, a perfect travelling noise machine for baby on-the-go and adult
Breathing sleep light
Simulated breathing light effect creates a serene sleep ambiance
Sleep timer
30-60-90 minutes, you can also make it working all the time without timer
04 右侧面
Automatically remember the last setting to give your love a habitual sleep environment
When babies sleep, you sleep
Help your little one sleep soundly with continuous soothing sounds like white noise, wind, rain, and lullabies.
Brighten the night
Create a comforting ambiance for midnight feedings and diaper changes with a reassuring, calming glow.
Appealing to adults too
Sleep deeply and drown out background noises with sleep sounds inspired by nature and backed by science.

29 Soothing Sounds to Improve Your Sleep

Experience tranquility like never before with our W06 offering, featuring an impressive selection of 29 soothing sounds. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation.

White noise, pink noise, brown noise, and 7 fan sounds have tremendous benefits for sleep. These soothing sounds create a calm and continuous background noise that helps to eliminate other disturbances and promote deep and peaceful sleep.

15 nature-inspired melodies, including popular and soothing rain sounds, gentle ocean waves, and even the comforting sounds of a fetal sound that babies find reassuring, as well as lullaby and Shushing sound that babies enjoy.disturbances and promote deep and peaceful sleep.


Company Features

· Shenzhen Hi-FiD Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. is an expert maker of white noise machine baby product.

· Our factory is equipped with domestic advanced mechanical facilities that are widely used in automatic production lines. These facilities are well manufactured by advanced technologies, greatly promoting productivity.

· Our company has a high sense of corporate responsibility. We pledge not to harm clients' commercial interests and rights, nor do we fail to keep our promise in meeting their needs and requirements.

Product Comparison

Compared with products in the same category, white noise machine baby we produce is equipped with the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has a backbone team with good reputation in the industry, proficient in business and strong operation ability.

Our company has built a comprehensive system of product supply and after-sales service, with the goal of providing all round quality service consistently.

To provide high-quality products for the society and customers, we will strive to build a good corporate culture, practice our strategy and fulfill our social responsibilities with a enterprising and harmonious attitude.

Through years' unremitting efforts, Hi-FiD has been recognized by the industry in terms of integrity, strength and the quality of products.

Hi-FiD has been exploring and developing domestic and foreign markets by taking advantage of e-commerce trend. Based on quality products, we have opened up a vast market.

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