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We are a leading provider of OEM and ODM solutions in the white noise machine industry. Our services include customized design and manufacturing to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Here is a detailed overview of our service process:


1. Product Design: Our experienced product designers will carefully create the product ID, which includes product photos, detailed specifications, and unique features.


2. Prototype Sample Development: Our skilled engineers will use the product ID to develop a prototype sample. This involves designing the internal structure, electronic circuits, and conducting audio and software testing and debugging. We will then refine the prototype sample to ensure its functionality.

3. Customer Approval: Once the prototype sample is ready, we invite our customers to test and evaluate it. Their approval is crucial in ensuring that all functions meet their expectations and requirements.

4. Mold Tooling Opening: Following the customer’s approval, we proceed with the mold tooling opening process. This involves creating the molds necessary for mass production.

5. Mold Sample Testing and Refinement: We thoroughly test and mend the mold tooling to ensure its compatibility with the product design. Once completed, we produce a mold sample for our customers’ final approval.


6. Customer Approval on Mold Sample: Our customers evaluate the mold sample to verify its fit, function, and overall quality. Their approval is essential before proceeding to the manufacturing stage.


7. Order and Production Process: After receiving the customer’s approval, we begin the order execution and production process. Our skilled team ensures the highest quality standards are maintained throughout the production cycle.

Production Process

 We have a team of over 20 R&D professionals who provide high-quality OEM/ODM services. From exterior ID design, internal structure design, electronic circuits, software, to acoustics, we have a comprehensive development process for our products.

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