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The Magic Sound Machine For Sleep

With years of experience, Hi-FiD offers various white noise sound machines for sleep, including portable white noise machine, white noise machine with night light, smart white noise machine, etc.

Invite you to discover new ways to make sleep enchanting for babies, adults, and everyone in-between.

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If you're finding a magic OEM&ODM manufacturer of white noise machines. Then you' re come to the right place.

At Hi-FiD we've helped 50 companies achieve high profitability and put over 8 million people to sleep. With our advanced technology and research, We provide trusted, high-quality white noise sound machine worldwide, creating serene ambiance for uninterrupted sleep experiences in all age groups.

About Hi-Fid

Experience of specializes in designing and manufacturing white noise machines, sound machine for sleep.
Provide a development process that ID design, internal structure design, electronic circuitry, software, and acoustics.
With featuring 5 production lines and a workforce of 200 employees.
Strong supply capacity is the basis of our long-term cooperation with customers.
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 Hi-FiD sound machine for sleep

 Hi-FiD OEM & ODM Services

Offers a fully customizable white noise machine, including branding, design, features and packaging.
Enhance your brand image with our complimentary laser service.
Enjoy worry-free protection for 12 months on your purchase.
Instant support and quick response times at your service.
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Millions Of Sound Sleepers
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We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Contact Hi-FiD today and experience the difference of working with a trusted partner in the white noise machine and Bluetooth speaker industry.

Ready to work with us ?

With over 15 years of industry experience, we have grown into a professional white noise sound machine

supplier and have developed a strong reputation for our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Contact Us

Contact: Ares Liu

Tel: +86 134 2181 7650

Email: aresliu@hi-fid.com.cn

WhatsApp: +86 134 2181 7650

Address: 4-5F, B7 Building, Hengfeng Industrial City, Zhoushi Road, Hangcheng Street, BAO'AN District, Shenzhen, China.

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