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Wholesalebluetooth White Noise MachineHi-FiD Company 1
Wholesalebluetooth White Noise MachineHi-FiD Company 2
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Wholesalebluetooth White Noise MachineHi-FiD Company 1
Wholesalebluetooth White Noise MachineHi-FiD Company 2
Wholesalebluetooth White Noise MachineHi-FiD Company 3

Wholesalebluetooth White Noise MachineHi-FiD Company


Product details of the bluetooth white noise machine

Product Description

The professional and responsible team is in charge of the production process of Hi-FiD bluetooth white noise machine. The product has excellent performance, stable and reliable quality. Through fully mature quality test, the quality of our bluetooth white noise machine can be guaranteed.

Technical Information

Dimensions & Weight Frequency response

Dimensions: D110*H70mm

35HZ - 20KHZ

Weight: 395.78g

Packaging Box: 135*120*70mm

  DC Charging Port for use with 5V/1A Adapter
Materials OEM&ODM service
ABS Plastic and buttons with silicone Support to provide you with Logo, color, packaging, sounds and other customization. FREE Laser Your LOGO On Products!

Professional Sleep Aid Products

2 (17)
Sound Machine
24 different audio sources are built in. Including 7 white noises + 7 fan sounds +10 natural sounds.That always help you in sleep
3 (19)
Colorful Light
Adjust the brighness from bright to dark and comfort your eyes
4 (18)
Long press the adjustment key brightness will change from bright to dark, reach the brightness you need to let go
5 (17)
Volume Adjustment
Choose the proper volume to protec your hearings
6 (14)
Timing Switch
Short press the timing key for 30, 60, 90 minutes and continuous work for your choice
7 (5)
Memory Function
The last setting, including music, lighting, and volume, will be automatically remembered
8 (4)
Multiple Product Colors
Custom color modeling according to customer preferences etc.
9 (2)
Compact and Portable
This machine can be easily put into a diaper bag, stroller, car seat, backpack, etc.

Choose from 24  Soothing Sounds for option

Including 7 White Noise Sounds, 7 Fan Sounds and 10 Natural Sounds. There is always a sound that suits you

未标题-9 (2)
22 (11)

Customizable Color

White is Normal Color, other colors can be customized

Power/ Sounds/ Light/ Timer

Independent key setting

24 (9)
Soft night light
High fidelity noise
25 (8)
It comes out a gentle warm nigh light with adjustable brightness so that moms are easy to be breastfeeding at night
26 (8)
The high fidelity sounds soothe the baby's mood and lets the baby grow quietly in the natural sounds

Hi-FiD customers say it best

"The product is very high quality and

sleek too. Also, the packaging is great.

Highly recommend this product,


Company Feature

• White Noise Machine,Sound Machine,Sleep Sound Machine,Sunrise Alarm Clock,White Noise,White Noise Sound Machine's sales network covers all major domestic cities and other countries and regions, such as America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.
• Hi-FiD's development is guaranteed by the good external conditions, including superior geographical location, traffic convenience, and abundant resources.
• Hi-FiD, founded in has been developing in the industry for years. Now we have a complete scientific production system.
• Hi-FiD has established a strict internal control system and a sound service system to provide quality products and efficient services for our customers.
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